Kirigakure Gaiden

(霧隠れ外伝, Kirigakure Gaiden)


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Part I

Maeko Yuki (Main)

Tatsuo Akayama (Main)




Sen Yuki



Mei Terumī


Cool guy

Uncool guy


Part II

Ryū Akayama

Nature Type

Fire Release

Earth Release

Lava Release


Earth Release: Destructive Spikes

Earth Release: Protective Earth Dome

Lava Release: Twin Dragons

Lava Release: Lava Tsumami

Lava Release: Magma Hailstorm

Mud Clone

Mud Prison



Kirigakure Gaiden (霧隠れ 外伝, Kirigakure Gaiden).


Maeko Yuki (Main) Edit

Maeko first enters the village due to an illness she possesses.Given her heritage, she is used as a mascot, for all kekkei-genkai users alike, along with her new teammate Tatsuo. The idea for them to come out of hiding, to rehabilitate the village. To her knowledge however, she was just on a journey to become a ninja. Maeko mets who would become her best friend; Momochi. She introduces Tatsuo some more, stating the guy is a puppet asshole. During the match, Tatsuo forces her to use her kekkei genkai. Her abilities impress Tatsuo, and neither one became victorious as it was deemed too dangerous. Tatsuo later finds out Maeko has been placed in a hospitable. Word about the kekkei genkai had spread, and few assassination attempts occurred, to which Tatsuo stopped. Scared to be alone, Tatsuo invites her to his place, which was good thinking as Maeko's home was burned down. Tatsuo carries a weak Maeko's bags to their next mission "safe keeping". Momochi notes Tatsuo has become less of an asshole and that he is purposly walking at a slower pace with Maeko.

Tatsuo Akayama (Main) Edit

Maeko gives Tatsuo a rock on a rope as a gift. Unexpectedly Tatsuo wears the rock, seen when he falls unconscious from using too much chakra. Maeko smiles and is very happy. Tatsuo agrees to take care of his rogue brother, however his intentions differ. Maeko forms an ice mirror and stabs Ryuu in the shoulder, a fight between the two start. Maeko froms an ice dome and jumps on Tatsuo and grabs onto his shirt; "get your shit together". The ice dome melts and Maeko gets slashed across the back, which angers Tatsuo and gives him the motivation to end the fight. Tatsuo runs back to Maeko, whom he realises is his reason to live (and she choose him).

Sen Yuki (Support) Edit

Sen is an alias used by Samui Yuki. She is Maeko's mother, and formally married to Susanoo. Following the day she cooks for Susanoo, the two establish a close relationship.

Sen deflects Kirigakure in fear for both her and her unborn child's future. Soon after Sen pleas with a healer to change her face, successfully hiding from any hunter-nin sent after her.

Susanoo (Main) Edit

Susanoo is a missing-nin from Kirigakure. He married Sen, arranged by the village elders, and eventually developed true feelings for her.

After many assassination attempts, Susanoo deflected Kirigakure, only to want to return to destroy it and start a new.

Yuuki Momochi Edit

Maeko gets dissed about her rock buisness. Momochi buys a whole heap of them and promises to beat the shit out of them later.

Fan Edit

She is paralysed, and uses her jutsu to move around.



User: Tatsuo. Can shift parts of his body into that of a dragon. Unlocks fire/earth chakra natures and gives lava release. Magma hailstorm...

White Flame

User: Maeko. Maeko uses her ice in a fire-like state. Whispered to rival that of amertarasu. Can freeze to the point of snapping, like she does to Tatsuo's sword. She develops this jutsu herself during part II.

Part I arc Edit

Chunin Exams arc Edit

[[[Sen|Sen]] returns to the village with Maeko to give her the medical attention she needs]

[[[CONVERSATION|NVERSATION]]: (Tatsuo is also in the room)

"You go by "Sen" now, don't you?" - Mei. "Yes". - Sen.

"The girl, who is she?". - Mei. Sen panics. "She's my sis.." Mei slams her hand on the desk. "Samui don't play games with me. We were comrades, i know your history! To say such a thing is disrespectful to our past friendship". There is silence for a moment. "Who is she?". - Mei.

"... My daughter". - Sen.

Mei looks troubled. "He's the father, isn't he?" - Mei. Sen looks scared. She doesn't say anything but her expression says it all. "Samui, with this information i cannot allow it to go ignored. I'm the Mizukage now, i have a responsibility to this village". - Mei. Mei lets out a sigh. "Maeko will receive medical treatment effective immediately, however her talents will prove useful elsewhere". - Mei.


"The village elders have already made their decision. You haven't any other choice Samui. This is the only way, i'm sorry". Mei hands Sen a file on her desk. "This is all the information we have recovered on him. Samui, this is your mission. I believe now that you may be our only chance to put an end to all this. You will be placed in our ANBU hunter-nin division, do you understand?".

Sen opens the file. A picture of Susanoo is there. "Yes. Please call me Sen from now on".

Mei smiles. "I understand".]

Sen leans on a pillar. Her hands cover her face. "Maeko...". Tatsuo had noticed this.

Maeko and Tatsuo first meet in Kirigakure, The two walk past each other on a t-section, both turning around. They both look away from each other, Tatsuo begins to walk off. "Excuse me, the Mizukage building is over this way, right?" - Maeko. Tatsuo looks up. "uh, sure that's right" - Tatsuo. There is a moment of silence. Tatsuo walks off. He looks back, quickly turning back around after Maeko notices. Maeko smiles.

"Maeko! There you are, i had been looking all over for you!" - Sen. "Ah, Sen! Sorry, sorry!". - Maeko.

"Maeko, Tatsuo. You will be participating in the upcoming Chunin exams. From this day forward, you are a shinobi of the hidden mist". - Mei.

[Mizukage arranges for Maeko and Tatsuo to join the chunin exams, not to rank up, but for two main reasons; money and attention -> particularly attention to kekkei genkai users.]

Maeko is running extremely late, and half gets ready as she runs. "I'm soooo late!". She arrives at the agreed destination. No-one is there. She takes out a note with the corresponding address. "You're late team-mate" Tatsuo dongs Maeko on the head.

"I've never once seen that kid smile, or cry..." - Mei.

First stage is genjutsu room. Due to the hidden leaf complications (orochimaru), Kirigakure tightened their security. All of the exams would be recorded. In order to appear weak, Tatsuo places Maeko under another genjutsu. Some time later Maeko undoes the jutsu, a feat not easily achieved.

Second stage is a death match. Two marks must be brought back per person. Teams would have to work together to defeat a full team, work on their own, kill their own team-mate to proceed.

Tatsuo Akayama VS Uncool guy

"Tsk, i hate people like you, people who think they're better than everyone else".

Fan VS Yuhi [FULL]

"Spider puppets to poison"

Maeko Yuki VS Smart guy

"What are you holding back...?"

Cool guy VS Momochi

Momochi's background: Zabuza deflected, and Momochi begun to be ignored. "Our Zabuza, the shame"... She began to get strong, become independent. To the point of tomboy. "I don't need anyone's love" became her motto. At the same time, she wanted to prove her worth to everyone.

"I... I'm not good enough. The match is over." - "With Momochi forfeiting the match, i declare COOL GUY victorious". Cool guy notices. "The match has finished, you won! Just leave me alone". Momochi storms off.

---- Round 2

Tatsuo VS Maeko

Tatsuo forces Maeko to use her kekkei genkai, officially ending use of hiding. "Who are you really?" - Tatsuo. "I AM MAEKO YUKI! THE CURSED KEKKEI GENKAI OF MY CLAN FLOWS THROUGH MY VEINS" - Maeko. Tatsuo smirks.

"You won't be able to melt this ice". - Maeko. Tatsuo makes an unfamiliar handsign. His eyes turn yellow, and frightning. "W-what is he?". "LAVA RELEASE:

Maeko returns to the hospital, Tatsuo finding out her secret. Sen stands outside the room. Tatsuo exits. "You look concerned... but not for her" - Tatsuo. "..." - Sen. "I know". - Tatsuo about who Sen is. Tatsuo walks off, leaving Sen even more worried.

Amegakure arc Edit

"Tatsuo... He's merely the Mizukage's puppet" - kickass. "Puppet?" - Maeko. "He doesn't have a mind of his own. The things he says, the things he does - it's all under instuctions".

Maeko kills another ninja. "I... I killed someone". - Maeko. "I took his life away, a life i knew nothing about...". "Have you ever... Killed someone" - Maeko. Tatsuo sits down and looks ahead. "I have". - Tatsuo. Maeko looks for more answers. "I cannot tell you that. Over my life time i have ended the life of many. Some who have tried to harm me, some a target of my mission. This is the life of the shinobi". Maeko looks down. "Why... Why did you choose this life?" - Maeko. "Why did you?". Maeko looks down, understanding what he had meant by that.

Susanoo arc Edit

"Tatsuo...? He's the Mizukage's puppet. He will follow any order without a question. It's like he doesn't have a mind of his own". - kickass chick.

Sen is sent to track down missing nin Susanoo, who happens to be Maeko's father, and her ex lover. Stuff happens.

Back in the village, an attempt on Maeko's life is made whilst she is in the hospital. With the last of her energy, she attempts to fight them away. Unexpectedly, Tatsuo enters the room and knocks them out. Later to shake it off as one of his "orders". In reality he simply felt the need to protect her. Officals clean up the mess, and Maeko is dismissed from the hospital. Fearful, Tatsuo takes her to his apartment to stay. Safe, Maeko drifts off to sleep.

The next day, Mei Terumi pleas with the village to stop these endless killings, and that a new era has began. Maeko and Tatsuo smile to each other. Makeo does something Maekoish. Tatsuo laughs. "A smile? ... I see.

Tatsuo, and two other shinobi appear. "Tatsuo? What are you doing here?". - Sen. Susanoo puts up his guards. "A set up?"- Susanno. "I'm here to talk to you, hear me out". "You expect me to listen to a child?". "We cannot allow you to roam free with the intentions you have now. I am here to seek allience". "You know my intentions, what makes you wonder why i would form an allience". Tatsuo looks at Sen. "Tatsuo enough". "Kid stop wasting my time". "You will not attack the village hidden in the mist!". "...". "You will not attack... Your daughter". "D-daughter...?" Susanoo is shocked. He looks over to Sen, who remains silent". Susanoo grabs Sens arm and vanishes.

There is silence for a long time."A DAUGHTER!?"

"You were alone, for all of this... I am sorry... Samui".

"Maeko has no parents". "In order to protect her, i changed my identity, i became a sister... All these years i've only dreamed of mothering her, of loving her in a way a mother only can. The village took that from me! I understand your pain, i do! But right now that village is the only thing keeping her alive".

"You see, Maeko is sick".

Maeko runs off to a sink, coughs out more blood. Tatsuo had followed and was standing in front of the door. Tatsuo grabs onto Maeko's arms with a worried expression. "It's fine, it's fine. Just not feeling that well".

"Maeko... I'm sorry! Please forgive your mother".

Departure arc Edit

Maeko is sent on a mission to keep an eye out for Susanoo. She says her goodbyes to Tatsuo. "I'm not okay with this" - Tatsuo. Seasons are seen changing, as well as glimpse of the two of them. Maeko's progress haults, whist Tatsuo's keeps going. "It's Maeko... No-one has seen or heard anything for some time" - "It's offical then... Maeko will be declared a traitor until a body is found".

"Ma...e...ko" - Tatsuo.

Part II arc Edit

Return arc Edit

"It's true..." - Tatsuo.


"MAEKO!". Maeko turns around, and for the first time in a year her face is clearly seen. There is silence for a while. "Well? Are you going to kill me?". Tatsuo doesn't reply verbally. "What happened to her?". Maeko turns around and walks off.

Tatsuo doesn't report what he saw.

Stuff happens..

Ryuu joins Susanoo's ranks. "Aka...Yama...?".

"Then you should know that i plan to kill him."

Maeko meets Tatsuo. "He's... He will kill you". - Maeko. "What does it matter to you?" - Tatsuo. "You were my friend, and because of that

"You're still... Sick..."

"Maeko you're dying" - Tatsuo's voice cracks.

Ryu Akayama arc Edit

Tatsuo's brother wants revenge, Tatsuo whos depression has worsened by this point gives in. Maeko chooses a side.

Susanoo's Assault arc Edit

Susanoo declares war on the village. Maeko is on trial for her actions, though becomes a village hero alongside Tatsuo officially declaring the end of kekkei genkai slaughters.


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